3 Common Assumptions You Should Avoid When Deciding Whether To Add Video In Your eLearning

If you are a training manager responsible for deploying eLearning and are considering the use of eLearning videos, here are 3 assumptions you may be tempted to make which could adversely affect your decision and your experience with eLearning videos.

So, here they are – 3 assumptions to avoid:
1. Don’t assume you cannot afford it
2. Don’t assume you can do it by yourself
3. Don’t assume it can be done overnight

Don’t assume you cannot afford it

It’s true that building good quality eLearning videos is not a cheap exercise. But it does not need to be ridiculously expensive either.

First you need to understand the typical costs associated with building Custom eLearning Videos. Here are two posts which could help you figure that out:

Typical Costs Associated With Building Custom eLearning Videos (With Animations)
Typical Costs Associated With Building Custom eLearning Videos (With Film)

The next question is – what can your vendor do to reduce these costs?

A good eLearning vendor who specializes in building videos should be able help you find your way to reduce cost. If they don’t know how, have them read this: 7 tips to reduce the cost of adding video in eLearning.

If you plan to use film based eLearning videos, you could ask your employees to be actors instead of hiring professional actors. You could plan your shooting days for optimal use of film crew, locations and equipment. Similarly, if you are planning to build animated content, make sure you get detailed storyboardsin advance for approval. This will reduce need for changes later on and thus reduce cost.

You can also alter the mix of film content and animation content in a video to optimize for cost. Here are 4 Questions you can ask before choosing films or animations for your eLearning

The bottom line is this: there is always a way to make affordable eLearning video if you can find a partner who is willing to understand your needs and adjust the production process accordingly.

Don’t assume you can do it by yourself

In an effort to reduce cost, you may be tempted to build the videos yourself. This is always a solution but unless you are a trained filmmaker or animator, be prepared for a lot of painful experiences – especially after you see the end result. I write this not to discourage you from trying but to emphasize that your learners are depending on you to build high quality, professional eLearning videos. “Homemade” videos are probably not what they are looking for.

Don’t assume it can be done overnight

Finally, once you’ve selected your vendor don’t assume they can deliver overnight. Building high quality videos requires planning. You need make sure you have well defined scenarios and a clear unified vision. If you plan to interview senior executives, you will need to schedule time to prep them for speaking in front of the camera. If you plan to simulate accident or hazardous situations, it could take weeks or longer of preparation and practice. So take your time. You get one shot it. Get it right the first time.

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