3 Reasons To Include Videos In Your Blended Learning

While the many advantages of using eLearning instead of traditional classroom training are well known we should not overlook the social benefits of the classroom and the impact it can have on the ability to acquire knowledge.

For instance, learners can meet other learners. Such meetings can spawn discussions which otherwise would not have taken place. Discussions are always easier when people are sitting next to each other. Interaction between the trainer and the learners is simpler. So there is no doubt that classroom training offers some benefits which eLearning does not.

So how can we try and combine the ability of eLearning – through the use of exceptional multimedia – to help understand concepts which cannot easily be explained on a whiteboard with the social aspects of basic human contact which the classroom provides.

The answer is: Use of eLearning videos in the classroom and offer a Blended Learning Solution.

So if you are an organization which is still not completely comfortable switching from your classroom training to eLearning, here are 3 reasons to may want to consider the intermediate route: Blended Learning.

1. You can use the eLearning videos to get all your learners on the same level
2. You can spike interest in topics which are otherwise dull to explain using a whiteboard or flipcharts
3. You can use the videos as a gateway to open your learners to the benefits of eLearning

Let’s look at these one by one.

One of the problems with classroom training is not everyone does their homework before coming to class. You can insist that they read the book or a PDF before coming but at least some won’t. And then these are the folks who will keep asking basic questions and hold up the rest of the class. By making your learners watch eLearning videos prior to coming to class, you can know in advance who watched and who did not and because you are giving them a video it is more likely they will watch it as opposed to reading a 30 page PDF.

Then, many topics are difficult to explain using a whiteboard. Or they can be plain boring. See the image below. This is one of the trainers at your client – CFL – showing how he drew a childish train on a whiteboard while explaining how smoke comes out from the brakes of a train which overheat.

Traditional Classroom Training - Whiteboard Showing Smoke Coming Out From The Brakes Of A Train Which Overheat

And now see the snapshot from the same video below. Won’t the video be more interesting to watch?


Finally, you may be facing resistance from your own employees to switch from classroom to eLearning. This can be the case if your audience is a little older or are not used to handling computers. By exposing them to well-made video content (either with film or with animation) you can start warming them up to the notion of eLearning and can over time transition from Blended Learning to full eLearning.

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