An Overview Of My Talk At The CIPD L&D

The CIPD Learning and Development Show starts tomorrow morning. We are now in Olympia, London at the venue. The booth is set up and we looking forward to tomorrow and our first foray into the UK market.

I am also looking forward to the second day of the show, the 1st of May, when I will give a talk titled “Using Films and Animations to Make eLearning Entertaining and Effective“.

In this blog post I would like to give you a quick overview of my talk.

The main goal of the talk is to share examples from real projects. I have selected 3 projects from 3 different training fields – “Information and Data Security”, “Health & Safety” and “Business Processes”. In each example I will demonstrate how the use of video content greatly enhanced the quality of the learning experience.

We shall only have 30 minutes so time permitting I would like to share with you Tips & Tricks which we have accumulated over the years to lower the cost of producing eLearning videos without lowering quality.

I look forward to seeing at the talk.

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