Building eLearning Videos - The necessity of a unified Vision_Main_ImageLast week I talked about the importance of a well-defined scenario. Today I’d like to just share some thoughts about the necessity of ensuring that there is a single vision across the team which builds an eLearning Video. It may seem obvious but you need to take concrete steps to drive that unified vision across your team.

As a project manager you may know exactly what you’d like to show in the video. You probably also know how to assemble a team of the most talented animators and the best film makers. But do not assume that they folks know what is important and what is not from the learner’s perspective. They may know how to produce professional materials but maybe not appreciate precisely what is important and what is not.

Imagine that an animators needs to make a choice as to what to highlight, what to zoom into, how to move the “camera”. She can make better decisions if she is fully aware of the vision for the eLearning video. If left to her own creative forces she may develop something beautiful but may miss the point you are trying to make in the video.

The same goes with films. A film maker who appreciates and understand the learning goals will do a better job choosing the location of the camera, directing the actors, etc. When we film our movies, we reserve several hours with the film director to share the vision. We explain what we want to show and why it is important to show it. This helps him visualize the scene and give importance to those things which matter.

Making videos is an art and not a science. Yet if you follow well defined processes you are more likely to get a consistent result. And a crucial step in your process needs to be getting everyone on the team signed up to the same vision.

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