Custom eLearning Solutions With Films And Animations

We are pleased to announce that in addition to providing great eLearning videos, Jilbee will officially begin to provide complete Custom eLearning Solutions – with learning content in the form of graphics, text, films and animations, learner evaluation in the form quizzes & tests and learner engagement in the form of interactivity & games.

The process of building Custom eLearning Solutions begins with a step called Learning Engineering. During Learning Engineering our eLearning experts sit with Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) from our customers and acquire as much domain expertise as is needed to build the eLearning.

Learning Engineering is followed by Instructional Design where we use a philosophy called “Motivational Design”. The goal of this philosophy is to ensure that the learner is kept motivated at all times while consuming the course.

The actual development of an eLearning course follows several parallel paths. First, we choose the appropriate development tools based on the needs of the project. Then our graphic designers and our animators build the needed designs and animations while our filmmakers produce the planned film footage. And finally our course developers put it all together following the instructional design to deliver a Custom eLearning Solution which follows industry standards and is deployable across all platforms and devices.

That, in a nutshell, is how we are now delivering Custom eLearning Solutions to our clients. For a more detailed look at each of the above steps in the process take a look here.

We are very excited to officially launch this service and we are looking forward to continuing delivering great learning experiences to our customers.

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