eLearning for Health & Safety on the Factory FloorOver the next few weeks I will write a series of posts on the topic Health and Safety Training for Factory workers.

We will cover topics like Noise and Hearing Damage; Clothing Precautions while using Electric or Pneumatic Drills; Safety Considerations using Power Tools for activities like grinding and cutting; the safe use of Forklifts and Pallet Trucks on the factory floor; Precautions to take before Welding ; Hoisting of heavy loads using equipment (and avoiding damage to the back), etc.

In each blog post I shall explain how the learning plan for each scenario should be developed, key learning topics which need to be covered and tips & tricks to keep the learning experience fun and inspiring.

Where ever possible I will share with you screenshots from eLearning courses we have developed on the above topics as well as video clips which can be embedded into the eLearning to make it more realistic and entertaining.

I hope you find this series useful.

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