Avoiding Accidents While Welding Welding is the process of joining two materials (like metals) by melting the area to be joint on both work pieces, then combining the molten areas and letting them cool till they become one.

The focus of this post is going to be on using eLearning for explaining the key precautions to be taken before starting to weld. So going through an exhaustive list of different types of welding or explaining how to do welding or precautions to take during welding are out of scope of this post. If you are interested in these details, here’s what you can find on Wikipedia on this topic.

Welding creates a large amount of heat, light and sometimes smoke – all of which pose health hazards to the welder. Therefore, the key goals of any training course on Health and Safety during Welding need to focus on the measures the welder needs to take to protect himself or herself from the heat, light and smoke.

In order to develop a really robust eLearning course on this topic, you absolutely need to include video-based learning content. Without the use of video your course risks losing appeal. I’ve talked before about various reasons to include video in your eLearning. All these reasons are valid in this scenario. The learners are people who do physical work all day. They labor, they sweat, they are on their feet all day, they are working with searing heat, smoke and bright light. What are they going to think of your their training if it doesn’t look any better than a powerpoint?

I also recommend keeping the video short and focusing on 2-3 key learning points like the ones below.

1.Making sure that the surface to weld is free of grease, paint and powder coating which can burn can create toxic smoke. You do this by grinding the surface of the welding joint.

Grinding the Surface of the Welding Joint

2. Putting on the helmet and ensuring that the ventilation unit and suction are present.

While Welding - Putting on the Helmet & ensuring that the ventilation unit & suction are present

3. Showing how to use the buttons on the belt to turn on the ventilation unit.

While Welding - How to use the Buttons on the Belt to turn on the Ventilation Unit

The bottom line is this: Make ample use of films in your Health and Safety eLearning courses and you can be sure to have engaged learners who will actually enjoy the training.

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