Hygeine – eLearning for Health & Safety on the Factory Floor
This post will be the last post of the series on eLearning for Health and Safety on the Factory Floor. From next week we will move on to something else.

All of the previous posts in this series dealt with learning scenarios showing risks faced by factory workers either while doing their work or as a direct consequence of it. But no training program in this field can be complete without covering the most basic of health topics: Hygiene.

All factory workers are exposed to dust, dirt, and chemicals. And all workers will take breaks during the day – either for coffee or lunch or a snack. Even though we are dealing with adults it is vital that any training program on health and safety covers the topic of Hygiene. Because it is so obvious we tend to either forget it or take it for granted. Simply wiping our hands on soiled work clothes before picking up the sandwich just doesn’t work. The risks are especially high because of the toxics which we could ingest.

And so what is the best way to educate workers on the risks posed from a lack of hygiene. There are two things you ought to do.

1. Communication
2. Education

Communication can be easily (and cheaply) accomplished by posting posters all over the factory floor. Here are some sample posters:

Keep Calm And Wash Your Hands

You can have custom posters designed for your company.

Then there is the Education part. Here we recommend using films to really show people how one should stay clean. It may seem obvious and something that only children ought to be taught, but the real proper way of cleaning one’s hands, face, arms, etc. can be learnt by anyone at any age. In some industries (eg. Pharma, Food, etc.), personal hygiene can have an impact not just on the worker but on the products which reach the end consumer.

So use film, it is the most effective way to get your point across. Below you can see some screenshots from our eLearning videos on the topic of Hygiene on the factory floor.

Hygeine – eLearning for Health & Safety on the Factory Floor
Never handle food with dirty hands

Always Use Soap While Washing – Hygeine
Always use soap while washing

Hygeine - Rub Your Hands with Plenty of Running Water
Rub your hands with plenty of running water

Dont Forget to Wash your Face - Hygeine
And don’t forget to wash your face

So, that’s it. With this post we end the series on eLearning for Health & Safety on the Factory Floor.

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