Lifting and HoistingContinuing our series on eLearning for Health and Safety on the Factory Floor, today we will look at creating eLearning modules on the precautions and processes of lifting and hoisting heavy loads.

In some sense, this post is the opposite of the last post – Avoiding accidents while lifting heavy weights – where we looked at the damage which can be caused by improper lifting. Now, let’s see the right way of doing things.

Once again I recommend to the use an eLearning video (a film) in such an eLearning course because then you can have the luxury of getting to show exactly how the process should work. As I have done in previous posts I shall explain how to structure the video in order to get the most messages across in the shortest amount of time.

Always begin by explaining to the learner what he or she needs to do right at the start.

Picking up a hoisting belt
Picking up a hoisting belt

Show a factory worker picking up a hoisting belt. You don’t need a professional actor. Get a real factory worker – it will be more authentic.

The video continues and he then proceeds to check the belt carefully and finds a tear in it. Emphasize this point since it is perhaps the most important part of the training. The learner needs to see an error. This way you can demonstrate a problem the learner might experience in real life and you get the learner interested in the rest of the video.

Finding a tear in the hosting belt. Can’t use it.
Finding a tear in the hosting belt. Can’t use it.

At this point you can continue the video to the next step or else you could use this opportunity to ask a question. You will have the learner’s attention and you should make the most of it.

In the second part of the video you can show how the belt is tied to the object to be hoisted.

Attaching the belt - Lifting and Hoisting
Attaching the belt

Checking each connection - Lifting and Hoisting
Checking each connection

Finally after every precaution is taken, we can hoist the heavy object and move it.

Hoisting and move the heavy load
Hoisting and move the heavy load

Conclude the eLearning video by showing the results of having followed the correct procedure. You will end on a positive note and the learner will likely retain more of what he/she saw.

Finally, remember to keep the eLearning video short. A minute is all you will need to explain such a procedure. Keeping it short means everyone wins.

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