eLearning Video - Hidden Data - What Secrets Do Your Documents Hold

As part of a large project of delivering Custom eLearning Solutions for one of our customers, we made a series of eLearning videos which from time to time we shall release on our website since our client intends to make them all available on YouTube at some point as well.

In this blog post we shall talk one such eLearning video on a topic called “Hidden Data – Untold Secrets From Your Documents And Photographs“.

Almost all of us use office software suites to create documents which we generally share, with total confidence, with others.

Many of us carry smartphones and digital cameras and take more pictures than ever and promptly share them with friends and family.

But have we ever paused to think about the kind of information about us which could be stored in these documents? Is there anything which could embarrass us? We do not refer to information which is visible to the viewer but information which is hidden. Such information exists in documents and is referred to as meta-data.

In this Learning Video we explain what type of meta-data could be stored in our documents. We give examples of websites which are trying to raise public awareness on this issue. We also explain how to remove meta-data from Microsoft Word documents.

The main goal of this Learning video is to create awareness.

The entire video was made using animations. No film footage at all. We felt that using animations we would be able to best describe notions like “Hidden Data”. Filming would have added to the cost of production and would not have given any added benefit.

(In case you are interested in learning about the factors which affect costs of making eLearning videos here are two links to previous blog posts: Typical Costs for Building Custom eLearning Videos with Animations and Typical Costs for Building Custom eLearning Videos with Films)

Coming back to the Learning video on Hidden Data, we used different animation techniques to communicate the key pedagogical points. One challenge we faced was how to show “hidden data” – data which, by definition, is hidden and so not visible.

Our animators decided to show a document or a photograph being peeled off to reveal the data hidden underneath.

Photograph Being Peeled Off To Reveal The Data Hidden Underneath

By animating maps of Luxembourg, we highlighted the fact that online stalkers are able to track a person’s whereabouts simply by gathering and analyzing the hidden data in that person’s documents.

Learning Video On Hidden Data - Animating Maps Of Luxembourg

 Learning Video - Analyzing The Hidden Data

And finally, no Learning Video would be complete without a clear explanation of how to remove Hidden Data from documents before sharing them. We demonstrated the step-by-step procedure to use a featured called “Document Inspector” in Microsoft Word.

 Learning Video - Document Inspector In Microsoft Word

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