Mobile Learning Solutions from Jilbee
On the heels of our announcement last week of offering complete Custom eLearning Solutions, we are now pleased to announce that Jilbee shall provide a range of Mobile Learning Solutions as well.

We can build Mobile Learning Solutions for smartphones and tablets with native apps running any iOS or Android device. And we can deliver exceptional learning experiences through engaging and highly interactive mobile games.

Jilbee - Mobile Learning Solutions For Tablets

We already have the benefit of having long and broad experiences building Custom eLearning Videos, and a video is “natively” mobile. It can be easily delivered, ported and consumed on multiple devices and especially on mobile devices. One of the challenges of delivering “text based” eLearning on mobile devices – esp. mobile phones – is the difficulty of reading it. Videos on the other hand can capture and deliver the same messages in a more entertaining way and require less time on the part of the learner.

Mobile Learning Solutions for Smartphones from Jilbee

Our mobile team can also “mEnable” existing eLearning solutions. We can build solutions in HTML5 or in Flash and deliver cross-device and cross-platform compatibility. So come and talk to us about how we can deliver eLearning to your employees while on the run.

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