Custom eLearning Videos Development Costs

We are often asked if it is more expensive to make eLearning videos with films or with animations. And the answer is – It depends! And so we decided to do two blog posts where we will share with you the factors which affect the price of making eLearning Videos with films or eLearning Videos with animations. This blog post will focus on the cost of films.

The first step in the manufacture of any eLearning Video should be – what we call – Learning Engineering. This is the step where the learning needs are captured and a general plan for the Learning video is made. It is during this step that you will decide whether to use film or animation or both in your Learning Video.

For the sake of this blog post, we will assume that the video will be made entirely using film and is a fairly simple scenario. We will also assume that we will film in two locations and there will be 4 actors in all – 2 at each location. One of the locations will be outdoors – say in a park and the other in an office.

For such a scenario, here are the factors which will affect your costs:

  1. The project manager – He/she puts all the plans together.
  2. The scriptwriter
  3. The filmmaker or director
  4. A cameraman (for simple films the filmmaker can direct and manage the camera)
  5. Actors (hire professionals for key roles ; amateurs can work just as well for others and help you your costs down)
  6. Lights for the indoor location
  7. The camera or cameras
  8. Memory cards and disk back-ups
  9. Other special equipment: tracks, dolly, cranes, gliders.
  10. Rent for the office space
  11. Permission or fee to the outdoor space (or rent if it is private)
  12. A make-up artist (good to have one or someone else on the team could do the job)
  13. The editor (who comes with editing software, you hope)
  14. Insurance (just make sure everyone is insured)

The above are the costs just for a basic, simple scenario. If you are starting fires or exploding smoke bombs (we’ve done both in our eLearning videos) – you can quickly add to the costs. Similarly, you will need to think of the set – what “materials” or “accessories” will you need? – special clothing for the actors, phones, software, documents, tables, chairs, posters on the wall, etc. This needs to be thoroughly thought out to avoid a mad scramble at the last minute.

There can also be other surprise hidden costs. For instance, if you don’t plan well enough, you will end of with more time filming. If you don’t hire professional actors, you will end up doing lots of takes and lose time. If the weather turns sour for your outdoor shoot, you may need to change plans or reschedule.

There are many, many more factors which could affect the cost of filming and it is always the project manager’s job to be prepared for every eventuality. And this only comes with experience.

We hope this blog posts sheds some light on the costs of making eLearning Videos with films.

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